Like World Peace, "Road-Peace" will require us
to treat each other with courtesy, respect and patience. 
This will be challenging in a world where we see
more self-indulgence than cooperative  effort!  
Forgiveness, thoughtfulness and kindness
make our roads much safer, and more pleasant to use.
It is in our own best interest!

If we started, right now,
to improve our behavior on the road,
so that, through example,
we made these positive behaviors our social mores... wouldn't we be closer to
"World Peace?" 

Mission of Dissemination

This site is a place to share ideas and resources for spreading the message that Road-Peace is a step toward world peace... and provides a peace making opportunity for every person, every day that one is in traffic.

Any one can design an ad for publication, and have it posted here, (Include your credit, on the ad, and send a link to be posted with it.) for others to view and contribute funds for its publication. Any one may come to the site to browse the contributed ads and donate funds to make publication possible, or, download the design to have it published (please, keep us informed), or, you can even make copies to post on bulletin boards or neighborhood newsletters, whatever... dissemination is the goal.

The founder

Earl William Shoop is a Vietnam veteran who wants World Peace.

(Failure to defend ourselves does not constitute peace, and true peace is more than nations agreeing not to make war.-future links-)

He is also a traffic safety advocate/activist whose youngest brother died on the highway in 1969. After observing traffic UNsafety, while "driving for a living" for 30 years, he has recognized that the conjunction of traffic safety efforts with the peace movement, will bring better results for both.

Earl met his wife, Laurie, a weaver and poet with Cerebral Palsy, at a poetry reading group in Washington, D.C., in 1972

Being at the intersection of traffic safety advocacy and peace activism is exciting and interesting. Would love to have your input and involvement!